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Hi, My name is Darel Bonanno, I am the owner of this website.
I built this website to showcase my work, ideas, accomplishments, graphic art, web design knowledge, and more.

Currently I am studying Information, Digital Media, and Technology (Web Technologies) Certificate 3. This course so far has helped me to grasp alot of basics and fundamentals in creating and using web design as well as trying some advanced technical stuff.

In the past I have studied Web Design Certificate 4 through Tafe NSW (2006). Alot of it was great fun. Today the knowledge I gained in the past has without question has helped me, apart from this I am now currently studying web design again. I am amazed at how since 2006 things are different.

In 2014 I completed Design Fundamentals Certificate 3. This course helped me to achieve skills in being creative through digital media. I am now a confident graphic artist, chasing my inner visual creative self, as my portfolio will show. I am yet to create a visual commercial based portfolio, however I do have some commercial ideas and hopefully you can interpret my designs and see some of the skills I have used.

I intend to further complete other courses to gain more skills, and intend to expand on my own projects and art.

Contact me through my contact details, or visit my social media outlets and make contact, enjoy...
Darel Bonanno.

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