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One idea equals a world of opportunity

About Me

Hi my name is Kirsty. I've always been the creative type (might have something to do with being left handed :3) doing well in art and music at school, but the last four years I have focused my creativity into all things digital. Completing four years of Multimedia at HSC level as well as having a passion for photography and film, I'm working to combine my artistic eye, tuned ear and innovative mind to create attention, capturing websites.

My goal is to one day use my skills in web development to enter the world of advertisement and marketing for major companys. I plan to take my growing skills in desgin and business, and partner them together with my Knowledge in web development, to create super interactive marketing campaigns sure to capture and keep customers attention.

If you wanna know more (hope I haven't given you the impression that I'm actually cool :P hehe) be sure to check me out on facebook.

Have a lovely day! :)


What you see on this portfolio page is the work I have undertaken whilst completing my certificate III and IV in web development at North Coast Tafe. Below is a list of what you will find, including links to my web projects as well as design projects I have completed in both cert III and IV.

  1. About Me (just above)
  2. Content (you're lookin' right at me :P)
  3. Website Designs
  4. Design Projects

Website Designs

Below are links to my three website designs I completed in my cert III; Aquarius Organics, Hydro Cars and Hangman.

aquarius organics link  hydro cars link hangman game link

Aquarius Organics

Aquarius Organics was designed to show of my skills in simplistic and creative design along with integrating animation into a website effectively. My design was inspired by clip art and their use of basic shapes and colours to create a bold statement. I hope this has shown through in my design and that you find it just as creative and fun as I did making it! :)

Also be sure to check out my JQuery Mobile App for Aquarius Organics below by either clicking or scaning the QR!

qr code

Hydro Cars

For my Hydro Cars design I went for a more sophisticated look with a crisp white background and a clear one-page layout. I've used some techniques learnt in class to improve on my css as well as including not one but two flickity galleries. This website also includes actual text to show my marketing/advertising skills in writing content.


Hangman is more of a game then a website. It was part of our programing assessment and I've taken the classic hangman concept of 'guess the word' but have changed it so a man doesn’t die, but a flower (much nicer I think! :P). The design fits in with the natural theme of the game with grass and even a little bee flying around in the corner.

Below are links to my three cert Iv web projects; The Shoe Shop, BMI calculator and Mudworx .

the shoe shop link bmi link mudworx link

The Shoe Shop

Work in cert IV was more focused on programing and learning to work in a client based environment. Because of this not as much time was spent focusing on the design of the web page but how it functioned. The Shoe Shop is an online shop build from scratch. This project was to help us understand how online shops work, and learn the key parts it takes to build, to give us the knowledge, if ever dealing with an online shop that needs unique features a plugin cannot provide, of how to edit or develop our own.

BMI Calculator

Similar to ‘The Shoe Shop’ the BMI Calculator was more to test our JavaScript and programming knowledge then our design. As you can see when you open the page I basically have no design elements on it, but I thought it important to include in my portfolio as it shows my skills in programing. So don’t judge to harshly on the look! :P


Mudworx was the major project for my completion of my certificate IV in Web Development. We were each given a ceramics student to work with to create a website. The idea was to have us work in a client, developer relationship to give us understanding of what it would be like in the workforce.

I was privileged enough to work with Lee Ryan. She is the ceramic artist of Mudworx and her pieces are ‘Funky but Functional’.

The design behind this website reflects the style of Lee’s work, earthy but elegant. With lots of dark and light greens with some natural browns the colour pattern alone depicts Lee’s collections beautifully. I insured the website layout was simple to not detract from the images of Lee’s pieces. All in all the Mudworx website was designed not to be the main attraction but to enhance and highlight Lee’s creations.

Design Projects

Below are images of my design projects I worked on for my websites. These include; mock-ups, logos, animations and other images used.

Aquarius Organics PhotoShop Mock-ups

Before I started building my Aquarius Organics site I developed Photoshop mock-ups of what I wanted my final product to look like. This was part of a design assessment I had and I found it very helpful when it came to styling my Aquarius Organics website in the end. It's guaranteed you're always going to veer off your original design, which I have done, but it’s interesting to see if there for better or for worse. What do you think of my changes in the Aquarius Organics site?

Logo Designs


When coming up with my idea for my personal logo I wanted to link it in with my slogan ‘one idea equals a world of opportunity’. This gave me the idea of a think bubble. The lots of colours in the one thought are to represent all the opportunities that could come from your one idea.

Aquarius Organics

This logo is a very simple design; much like organic food. I used the bare minimum in design technique to create a highly effective logo. The suns shape is similar to what you will see in clip art, which was my inspiration for Aquarius Organics, and the bold yellow pops on my background.

Hydro Cars

Hydro Cars logo isn’t designed to be shown small (like above) but to take up the entire width of the page. The water splash behind the text links in with the name ‘Hydro’ Cars and the slight lean to the left in the text contrasts against the lean (right) of the splash creating a symmetric feel.

PhotoShop Animation Works

Animation was one of my design units as part of my Cert III. I was lucky enough to have had previous work and experience creating animations in PhotoShop, which is how I made all these above animations. Aquarius Organics showcases most of these animations on the home page using css tricks to animate them even more. I strongly believe that animation can make or break a web page. Too much and the page becomes over worked and overwhelming but just enough and it can and some life and personality to a webpage which is guaranteed to draw clients.