Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog is a character created by Sega's Sonic Team. Sonic the Hedgehog mostly centres around an anthropomorphic blue hedgehog, named Sonic, whose peaceful life is quite often interrupted by the main antagonist, Dr Eggman. And typically, Sonic - usually with the help of his friends must stop Eggman's plans for world domination.

Sonic is prodomantly cobolt blue in (so as colour to match the colour of the sega logo), but once Sonic collects seven chaos emeralds (a recurring feature in the Sonic series with Dr Eggman trying to collect them for world domination) he can transform into Super Sonic, he appears to be a 'Golden Yellow' colour, when he is Super Sonic he has enhanced speed (in case your wandering Sonic goes really fast) he becomes temporarily invincible (only so long as he has fifty gold rings to use), and has increased strength (so he becomes stronger than normal). This often causes Sonic to make more riskier decisions because of the power that his Super form gives him he believes he is unbeatable and this quite often ends him up in more trouble than he started with. This however is not the pinicle of Sonic's power, when he is Super Sonic and has the Super Emeralds (a theme of the Sonic series, but, not seen as often as the chaos emeralds) he can transform into Hyper Sonic, he appears to be a 'Fluro Pink' colour, when he is Hyper Sonic he has incredibly enhanced speed (As Hyper Sonic he can fly faster than Super Sonic) he is still invincible (but is more resistant than his Super form) and he has increased strength (he is stronger than his Super form), this quite often means that he is more arrogant than previously and this can landing him in very bad situations.

Sonic mainly likes to spend his time relaxing (don't we all), running around saving the planet (otherwise he would have nothing to do), and eating his favourite food the chili dog (careful before trying to make or eat this fare warning, they are quite spicy), but Sonic loves them. He has lots of amazing adventures that quite often get him into trouble, but he always finds a way out of the situation (this quite often annoys Dr Eggman, or anyone who is trying to catch him, because months of planning have been wasted because of his constant "interferance").